I think car drivers get confused


this morning i had the privelage of testing my busas ability to drive through gravel on the side of the road.  

on my way to work i was on the ortega highway, made a stupid mistake and tried to pass, i was in a passing zone but there was just SOOO many cars it was crazy(but none going the other way). So I zip out and cruise along by all the rest of the cars when all of a sudden, an integra slides out right in front of me. At that point i had 2 choices.
1: ride up his ass
2: swereve and try my luck in the dirt

I picked 2, hit the dirt and gravel at about 40(I figure after applying maximum braking considering this guy zipped out about 20 feet ahead of me). Now I dont know how i held on but the front tire was trying desperatly to twist out of my hands as i braked through these rocks. By pure force of will and brute power i held my baby str8 till I stopped  
After relaxing my sphincter i got back on the road and drove along till i got a chance to pull up next to said integra and asked him if he saw me. he honestly said "ya i did, you shouldnt have been trying to pass all those cars."

that really upset me, so i asked him to pull over so i could kill him.  :whip:
he didnt, and there wasnt #### i could do, so i drove my bike to work and inspected the damage. luckily my baby escaped with only 1 minor(1/4") inch scratch on the right lower fairing(way towards the front underneath) and a few on the cowling in front of the rear tire.  

but hey I guess it is better than what COULD have happened. we have all had our close calls. but this one was pretty gnarly.

i take responsibility for my part in it, and i wont do anything stupid again like that. lesson learned.  :hammerhead:  the hard way


p.s. Busas definatly DO NOT make good dirt bikes
Wow close huh? Yep we've all had stories, glad u got through it mostly ok. I had something similar more than once. I have called the Hwy patrol several times gave description of the car & license plate - told the cops this person was " driving eratically and ran me off the road and could possibly be drunk" once it worked as I called again 30 minutes later and they told me they confrimed they arrested the dude.
I suggest for everyone to do the same ... maybe you could even suggest you think saw them wave a gun... hehehe


I wish these were posted more often, at the same time i wish they happened less often.
I have had to constantly drive near the center of the lane due to cars trying to share my space. It really pisses me off :whip: . It especially happens at stop signs/lights, what is so damn hard about staying behind me?

I think a high speed lane should also be built for motorcycles ONLY! Or at least allow us to shoot out tires
This is when I get sooo tempted to kick a mirror...but, you can't. You mention you learned a lesson, and I guess you did learn a defensive lesson, but this guy was in the wrong.

If you are in a passing lane, and its clear, you are allowed to pass. It isn't up to him to decide how many you get to pass.

I've had some run ins and some verbal altercations, and had one guy LITERALLY swerve at me and ask me if I "wanted some of this", referring to the camry that he used in leiu of real manhood.

Pisses me off to no end sometimes, but typically its us motorcyclists that have to take the lumps in our pride and keep going...much safer that way.

Glad it turned out well for you, but I share in your frustration.
It should be fine in gravel, dirt, grass, even bumpy terrain... no mud or jumps, though. It definitely takes a few times to get over that un-nerving sloshy feeling, but it'll keep straight. Just keep your turns slow and don't over-accelerate or over-brake.

...oh, and never try to jump off curbs... twice.
The little D-shaped part in front of the oil drain plug will break and protect the plug the first time. Take curbs nice and slow. About 6 inches (whatever is the average curb height) is fine, but avoid anything taller.

None of this is anything you'd want to do everyday (unless you had to), but I still think it's wise to take some time to practice should you ever need the skill.
Hey Narcissus, You sound like you are talking from experiernce about the curbs.
 So far the best thing that has happened to me is having Biker Cops pass me in my lane.  The first time I saw him coming and moved over to let him pass.  The second time I was in my own world and was starting to drift to the center of the lane, the is when I saw him.  Or should I say heard him as he was right along side of me.  That one got my attention really quick.  Not Cool

Mind you, I don't rag on my bike or treat it like crap, far from it, but I also don't baby it as if it will stay scratch free from the showroom floor forever. First, and foremost, it is a form of transportation. I like to be able to deal with every possible situation, be it high speed cornering, emergency braking or, in this case, being forced off-road. Experience is just as crucial as wearing safety gear, IMO (especially where I live, where anything goes).

I might be learning how to wear a bullet-proof vest and dodging gunfire next.
ya seriously. Im the same way in my town Narc. I should get all kevlar fairings and a big bubble like the pope has when i bring it up through LA!
im not sure if anyone else has been shot at before..but a stray bullet hit my 750 one time right through my tail section...blew the thing apart...i was pissed..had to buy another one

thanks for the support guys
On my R1 I had when we lived in LA I was spltting the fast and car pool lanes and some jerk off came over into the car pool lane over the double yellow.. almost ate it against the concreat divider.. I did the same thing.. confronted him.. and he flipped me off.. so I followed him to the building he was going to got off my bike.. got in his face.... told him he almost killed me.. ...he seemed real whatever.. ish to me... when he went inside... I smashed the mirrors off his 7 series BMW....

after that I always kept a suvenear base ball bat with me in my jacket... for freeks like this guy.... does a nice job... on mirrors... and fenders......

that was a few years ago too... :whip:
Hey guys I think we all have had a close call or two.
I live in Florida and we have very liberal gun laws here. I always carry, not for the idiots who can't drive but for the A@@ Holes whom might wanna bike jack ya!!!
:usa: I dread the day I might shoot someone but I tell you this I won't hesitate to do if it means my life!!! :usa:
Just get them before they start riding away. Once they're moving and you shoot them they will drop your bike. Small price to pay for justice but it would suck.
I'ld love to have a paintball gun for all the jerks that intentionally pull out in front of me. Had a guy pull over and almost run me off in an expedition when i was passing him. I know he saw me caused he looked me dead in the face and laughed. Talk about pissed .... I would have shot that no good @#$%@##$ in a heart beat... Which is probably why my fiancee tells me i don't need a gun.

Does a paint gun count as a deadly weapon???