I saw 150 mph today and its good


This is the fastest I've every gone, but it kinda
scared the $h*t out of me. Is this normal. The bad part is I'd
probably gone faster but I couldn't get my left foot to change
gears and redlined 4th. Oh well
Yes, It is a little unnerving the first time. Take it easy and build up your comfort level.
The not being able to shift thing was your brain's way of telling you to slow down.
Be careful. It is when you start seeing things in slow motion that it really becomes scary. 150mph is plently fast don't push yourself beyond what you wnat to do FOR YOU...
Strange things happen on a Busa....If yer redlined in fifth..and wanna bang sixth..it doesnt wanna go..in..N.E. have ever noticed that...legit question..now answer dude...Luv you man.
seems weird..somehow..gotta grab sixth sooner..then ride it out..I have seen 11,200 on the tach in fifth..believe 184 acurate mph..stock gearing...can you say tunnel vision..
"scary fun"....ufta..
I topped mine out the other day. Hit the rev. lim. at 175 with the gear change(16/42), I think my tach was showing 10,500rpms. Was 180 or so before I changed the gearing. This was with a yellow box that was calculated by a GPS.
Just keep pushing..It's like having sex. when you finally get what you want, it was no big deal all the time.
204mph on my Busa '2000 model...

keep trying............