I really hate asking this

Captain Scallawag

I really hate asking this .I dont have a choice gotta put my kids before my pride. I need a rear tire badly for commuting. I just got a flat and apparently it is not fixable so i am just putting air in it every day at the moment. This would not usually be a problem but things just keep happening and I can no longer financially keep up.
So here's what I am hoping . I run a Pirelli Angel gt 'A" spec heavy duty rear tire due to weight and was thinking maybe someone bought this tire or another heavy duty rear tire and didn't like it because the actual tire is heavier and just has it sitting there.
All i know is beggars can't be choosers so it doesn't even have to be that or anything specific... just safe. I will not complain about a tire that gets me down the road safely. The size on my current tire is a 190/55-17.
Any help will be appreciated more than I can explain.

Thank you ...


Just got off the phone with Eric @ RevZilla. Michelin Road 5 in 190-55-17 was ordered and you should have it no later than Thursday. This is the same tire I run on my bike and I'm currently at 12xxx or more miles on my rear tire with more to go. I wasnt going to order a Shinko. Dont trust my life to a Shinko. Wont put anyone else's life on one.


Folks this is exactly what makes Hayabusa.org different... Super proud to see you guys step up and take care of this.. Amazing gesture of kindness to someone that has a need!

Couple of years ago I needed someone and nobody was there for me when i needed it the most. Everyone turned a blind eye on me until they realized everything they were told was wrong. They tried to come talk to me. I walked away.

"It is our prime purpose in life to help others. If you cant help them, at least dont hurt them."

I have been there and I know how it feels when things go south. Dont wish it on anyone.

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