I reached a Milestone today!


I was riding into work today, and going around a turn around 30 MPH, I heard a nice hollow scraping noise and felt my foot jerk a little :eek:....well, apparently I was over futher than I thought and drug my midpipe and right peg! Never done that before. Got a cool little rash on my midpipe now to prove it. Man, does that feel good!! :super: Scared the crap out of me until I realized it was.
Just curious NotaBusa.  What do you ride?  Ya know them hardleys scrape when the lean past 10 degrees.   :tounge:

Ride Safe! :super:
as they said in Airplane, "Ain't no thang!"
It's the furthest over I've gotten her, and it was just cool. My chicken strips are getting way smaller, but I don't know how much that means on a 150 rear tire. After I wear through this one, I'm converting the back end to hold a 180...that'll make tire shopping a lot easier.
Right on NAB, Just don't touch them hard parts too hard!

As for reaching the edges? On a 150 series rear you prolly have a lot more curve (Rounder profile) to it than a 180 or a 190. So really it might be harder or impossible to really get to the very edge...
I Wouldn't get too comfortable scraping the hard parts on an FJ. I had one myself and I can tell you by experience that 9 out of ten times you'll be fine and then the next time the back end will just jump out on you. It's a very heavy, top heavy bike and it can be unpredictable. I hurt my backside quite badly once keeping it from going over. Jammed the leg down and I popped the bike back up, but wrecked my back. Did that at 55 thru a turn. The back slid out over a foot. Not good when leaned over on a bike that is really not designed for big lean angles. talk about scaring the crap out of you. My FJ loved to slide the front and back out without any notice. It also likes to get squirly trying to recover it.

Don't be worried about the size of the "Chicken strips" I prefer to call them "intellegence strips". I still have 3/4" strips on my 'Busa tires, but that doesn't bother me at all. It's WAY to easy to get hurt on the road. I wouldn't want to get wedged under a guardrail.....or worse. Even with 3/4" strips, you're leaned over pretty far.

The FJ is mighty fast in a straight line. Just enjoy that. If you want to lean it over more, buy a 'Busa.

Being leaned over enough to fully scrub in your tire edge to edge does not mean you lack intelligence if your chosen venue has plenty of corners you can see through and are familiar with.
But the size of your Chicken strips truly does not reflect how good of a rider a person is I'll certainly give you that. Call it Biker vanity or something but eliminating most of my edges was mostly done unnecessarily, meaning if I had gone ahead and transferred some weight to the inside like I normally do I would have used significantly less tire and been traveling a bit faster. But darn it I wanted them edges gone...next time maybe I will just use a belt sander and some 50 grit.