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I am thinking of getting a I Phone for the lawn business, I have heard the new I Phone 3g S has a credit card slit in it. This would br great as I can just run my customers card at the job instead of making sure thye have cash, or going to the bank once a week with 50 checks in my hand for deposit..

So can anyone answer my question here?


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cheque Iphones website....find out all the in's/out's 4 sure.

Want me to Google that for ya.:poke:

sorry...should not be pokin' fun at the freshly laid-off dude.

Hope all works out. :thumbsup:


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No credit card "slit" in the 3Gs, but you can get an app for it that will read and charge credit cards. If you go to iTunes, you can search for "credit card," and will find several.

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You can get a web interface account with someone like "SkipJack" and have a direct web interface GUI for processing cards.. (works in conjunction with your merchant account)

You still have to "key in" the card data or you can get their card reader..

I just started with these guys and still not fully up to speed on everything they can do... I needed something that was "PCI" compliant (think that is the standard?)

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