I paid a visit to the CORBIN SEAT factory


I had a factory defect in the front seat and decided to ride the 200 miles to the factory instead of sending it in. I have heard horror stories on the board about their customer service.
I arrived and a slimy looking sales guy greeted me. I told him about the problem and he said it was my fault, not a factory defect. "here we go" I was thinking when he said, "We'll fix it. By the way do you want a free fitting?"
Not only did they fix the leather and fit the seat to my arse, he gave me a free bottle of the leather protector. I was out of there in under 2 hours. I have always thought the Corbin seats were the most comfortable and now I feel a little better about their service.
I had heard the same thing. I guess it just goes to show that you can't believe everything you hear........
I had a Corbin seat on my V Max and loved it, it was the only way to go with the Max. I like the stock seat on the Busa and have done up to 650 miles in one day on it. I see no reason to change the seat. The only thing I guess I would not want on the busa is the seat to be taller that it is now. When I put the seat on the Max it was wider and taller, thats something I would not want on the Busa with a Corbin seat.
i ordered my passenger seat and backrest from corbin a few weeks ago but will not be ordering a front seat i just dont like the profile of it it slides up in the frontand i think would mean a further strech to the bars.

Yeah it does slide up in the front but it keeps the family jewels from slamming into the tank and keeps you planted in the seat...
Welcome to the board. I'm glad everything worked out for you.