I need your help with rearsets


I have a hip problem but I love my 2000 busa. I need more leg/hip room. What do you guys think can help me out. any and all help is greatly app.
Yeah, I'm thinking about getting the pegs Jace posted a link to. They give the most adjustment of any I've seen without going for full rearsets.
Thanks guys. I will look into the rear sets at aj's and the adjustable pegs from lock. do any of you know what the added leg room is with the new rearsets?
I have installed a set of gold Gilles rearsets on my 'Bus and while I notice a little difference, it is not anything dramatic. I too have a kind of leg / hip problem that affects me more on the 'Bus than my previous bike, a 2002 'Blade. I was looking looking for a way to increase the distance between the seat and pegs a bit and have tried the rearsets. While the Gilles rearsets look the business, they have only made a little difference.

I have found what I was looking for. the pegs that were suggested by jace are great. you should try them texan look at jace's post on my question and go to the link. they look cool as well.

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