I need your help on a project!


Ok, so this isn't a busa related project. I have a speech due in public speaking tomorrow and I'm doing it on seatbelt laws, and the fact that the government shouldn't be allowed to make that decision for the people. Now, I'm not trying to get into a huge debate here, so please don't start that. What I really need are some stories of people who have been in crashes, not wearing a seatbelt, who came out better off for not having worn it. If anyone here has some stories of you or a friend or anything like that, they would be very appreciated. I've already made a point about them being more about revenue than safety, and I've made one about such laws infringing on rights to liberty, but I need a third point and figured "seat belts don't always save lives, in fact, they can make you worse off" would be a good one. The only thing I need now are some good stories. . .

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