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extending your swing arm and big fat tire on the back , what kind of performance difference are you noticeing ? I like the look but I like the sweepers in the hills . fast take offs does it Lug?


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Of course it all depends on how extreme you go, but it will suck up some horsepower and you'll lose some handling in the curves. From what I've seen I should say "a lot" instead of "some" but you get the idea. Just don't do this. Please.

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Stay stock or mod the suspension for carving corners. Things like light weight wheels and a tune, however you might end up changing the internals of the forks, and the swingarm shock and spring. Some go 1 up in the rear, etc., etc.


Here we go again. THere is several threads on this topic already...SEARCH but for you ...here it is:

Like pic above....is nuts.
240, 300, or even 330 is fine....360 and your not cutting in the corners at all. That 360 has NO profile.
Depends on what you want...240 you will not notice any diff at all.
300 to 330 you will feel the diff but not that bad...the 330 has a better profile of corners once you get to a point its there.
Jackshaft 330 like mine rob out 20-25 hours from the bike from its spinning mass of weight. DOes it launch and take off....oh yea if you get it to hook. Im running 16t/43t and its a bad azz on the street and track.. A bit roaring on the interstate thu.
On a fatty for twisties.....you have to spend time and learn to ride all over again....but then you can rock it. I love it and have found my front lower fairing spikes are GONE from dragging in some corners. NO bull. I surprised myself once you learn the fatty.
IF you are all the time dragger ...you may want to go no bigger than a 240 thu. Each to their own and good luck with your choice.

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