I need some tips


i have been riding for a while now and i havent rode with a passenger in about a year and this was with a 750. what are some things i need remember when i ride with a passenger. thanks
#1 thing to do is inform the passenger what they are suppose to do. Like, to look over your shoulder when you turn, always keep feet on pegs, etc...
Just tell them that if they move even a single millimeter, they'll fall off, crack their head open and die.

Actually, I just tell them that they are no different from carrying luggage. The luggage doesn't lean or move (if properly tied, anyway), so neither should they. That usually clears up any confusion.

Be sure to tell them they will not fall off when the bike takes a turn. I always have trouble with people trying to stay straight up while in a turn, which just causes me to need to lean more.
Agree in advance whether the passenger will or will NOT be
leaning with you. If they dont lean with you, you will have to
lean a little extra.