i need help!


people tell me i cant put a busa engine in my mgb for reasons like: the car weighs to much (3000lbs) and the cluch cant handle it, the engine dosnt have a heavy enof rotating mass to pull the car, or it will be to slow. can it be dun?


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sure it can be done. ck yur other post.
there are a handful of companies out there doing this, not with yur particular car yet.
i have seen mini's, custom racers, smart cars & others

google it

besides yur car doesnt way anything lie 3000lbs more like 2000 or so
there is always turbo & superchargers...


(g17 @ Sep. 18 2006,13:54) what do you do for reverse?
You gonna just run it sequential gearbox or are you gonna install some kind of electric reverse?
This motor will be more than enough spirit for that car.
73 MGB is all of the chrome in good shape?
Ought to be nice when you are done.. And fun to throttle out to the redline... Gear it low enough and you shouldn't have any problems with the clutch.
Just think of it this way... Two american fatasses on a busa can hit over 1000 lbs gross... And the bike will still move like a bat outta hell. I would have thought a nice little droptop spitfire would be a good one to do it in.


for reverse i found a gear box that you mount after the busa trans, but befor the drive line. so you have all 6 gears in frontwords or back, it allso comes with a quick change so chaning the gear ratio is no prob. and the crome is good but i dont think i am guna use it.


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--Cool man go for it--- My buddy has a tiny Honda 600cc car------hmmm it could be done too..........gotta use some inovation to hook it all up though......