I need help with new gauges!!!

You mean like these

We make them any way you like only during the winter month between oct and april.

Lit up view!!!!!!!! We'll be offering different colors of indiglo gauges this fall as well orange,green,yellow,purple. I can only do this if I have aleast three orders of the same color .

Homemade by a Busa owner (Tru Ryda)

Rhythm....U a pimp alright...

But choo a pimp wiff EXTREME STYLE .

Gotsta git me some mo PIMP...

Thats whad I needs....Mo pimp in ma style.
But choo a pimp wiff EXTREME STYLE .[/QUOTE]

U know thatz right RSD.
Yeah those are tight but I only have one problem mine don't work!!! Does any one have any idea why they don't work, they are wired in and all but they won't light up at all....
Well if you hooked everything up correctly to a 12 volt source I would say it's your converteror or your on and off switch might be defective .  Also try troubleshooting by hooking up one gauge at time to your converter to see it they work individually if you believe it not the converter or switch.  Let me know what you find out.    Soundz like Pimp gauges .com has ghetto customer service.  Make them ho's  do there job and serve you correctly Playa or send thier faulty product back and demand a refund. Good luck.