I need a painter


I need help, looking to get my Busa painted, nothing fancy, I want the 01 look, however I want it Purple/Silver. Who can do it, and what should I expect to pay.
I just had a flawless paint job done on mine back to factory graphics. The guy that did mine charges around $900. But he has a down draft heated booth. A lot of people will do it cheaper, but you grt what you pay for with paint. He is in VA..
Check with Gixxer1300 whose a member of the board. He might be able to give you a good deal if you don't mind shipping it to him.
Earl Scheib (sp?) is supposed to do a GREAT job for $100. NOT!!
Purple give me a call tomorrow and I will give a friend a call and see who paints his bikes.

Marc "Howlin Mad"