I miss the vids!

Remember when Captain put up that page with all the vids about 6 weeks ago?

Man, there were a ton of them, and most were pretty good. My favorite was "Wheel of Pain". It was all motard stunts.

Captain, what would it take to talk you into restoring the links to the videos?



Dis in my way!
Staff member
Well it's funny you should bring that up. I ordered another T1 today. Telco says they will have it installed first of next week. What I really need is for as many of you to buy shirts.. The prices are reasonable and there is enough padding in there that if I sell enough then I can start to recoup some of the monthly cost to running the site. As soon as I get the new circuit installed then the videos will have their own little server on their own dedicated circuit.. So buy a shirt to help the cause, we both win....... Until then Videos Videos Videos we will see how long we can keep it up with slowing the board down.

Thanks for the support all

AKA Captain


Hey Captain,
I just ordered on of these (extra) long sleeve shirts. Thanks for the video preview the other night. Glad I could help.

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