I made a custom fairing design... let me know what you think.


This is the design I sketched out.


The guy making it is in China. They just sent me this photo:


I can't tell if it's going to look lame or if its missing something. Somehow it doesn't look as good in real life as my sketch, I can't put my finger on why... maybe it just needs to go on the bike to be able to tell.

For reference, the same guy made my old fairings, this is what it looked like installed:



Around $600 including shipping. Fit should be as good as the previous set, which you can see installed on my bike above.

I am having them correct an oversight on the front fenders, they made it all red, and the diagram shows it with black across the bottom.


And the custom gas tank is a plastic cover that snaps over the actual tank? does this guy have a website, or how did you contact him for custom designed part?


yes, the tank cover just slips over your gas tank. See my photo above for my current set, which has it done that way - its seemless.

My gas tank is actually red.

You can contact him at this email address:


(Using his .jpg so he doesn't get spam)

Keep in mind price will be based on design. If you need a bunch of work it may cost more.


Looks better then some of the bold new graphics zuk develops. Interested in the result.


I wasn't sure about the design when I saw the design you sent him. After seeing the finished product, it looks badass! It could easily pass for a factory design.

That's pretty cool for the price. And since fitment would be my main concern, glad that works out. Please post finished pictures, can't wait to see it. Got me wanting to change things up


I think part of the problem is that the actual photo of the fairings shows a lot of white, especially with the rear fairing not showing any red due to the overhead angle.

In the mockup, it has a lot more red. When its mounted on the bike, it should look a lot more like the mockup.

Another issue is that the low resolution photo makes the white area look like primer, and unfinished. But in the closeup you can see its painted and glossy.


So I'm excited to see the final result. It's likely going to take 2 weeks to arrive by ship :( They come in giant boxes.

Far as fitment goes, the previous set I bought from this seller worked well, nothing needed to be adjusted. The rear fairing (around the tail section) was a tight fit to get on.


Oh no, you misunderstood. I think the real pictures look even better than the sketchup! I'm excited, I can't wait to see the final product when installed. Especially for that price! Please post up pictures on this thread or if you start another thread, drop a link to it on this one.


I like it. kinda has an old school new school look. the only thing that kinda looks plain and detracts from it a little is the rear tail. just looks too plain imo but does resemble a factory look tho. I think it wud look better if the tail followed the same color line as the tank.

how much does he charge?

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