I Let my rider down...

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All my fault. My rider is talented and new at it. After 16 test and tune runs over the last few weeks I felt he was ready. Thursday nite he finally looked like he was the bikes boss and rolled out of the burnout on the new shinko with confidence. We entered Pro ET against all the box guys knowing we were at a disadvantage . He had plenty of family on scene to watch his first race. The battery went dead the track was sticky and the experiment with six heavy clutch springs which was acceptable on Thurs nite just bogged the bike with a useless battery in front of his fam. Uggh I feel like a dork. So we buy back into the second round and its dark so I'm hoping for less traction when we line up against a guy who won the world finals eight times. The announcer was bubbling over our outstanding opponent to the point that I was praying my guy couldn't hear it. He knew him personally so it didn't affect him and took his shot at the light and redlit and stalled. I could not feel worse. We are tearing into it this weekend and going to take it out after a dyno run but he can't wait to run again. He is a great kid and I will now try to live up to my responsibility as owner to give him a proper rocket...


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Time in the saddle will cure it all. Good luck on getting her properly tuned.


Mabe more air in tire possibly more rpm if its bogging I like just go with 1 adjustment @ time myself so mabe other clutch springs will do it. good luck


u pretty much never hear someone saying how a "rider" drove my car down the track but u often hear to on a bike which I don't really get. I know of a 220 lb. rider that has gone 7.30's at 200 mph. get on it and ride!


I know lots people that own cars somebody else drives.
Never really heard of riding a car but drive yes. Lot of them its there kids wife's etc.


I own and race a busa, but i have plans on building a grudge car or grudge bike for a kid that i know (no relation) later this year. Its good to get kids into something so, my hat is off to you sir!!!!

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