I kind of like Virginia Motorsports Park


I think I like VMP, and VMP likes me too...

Got our first Prostreet event Win against Rodney Williford this past weekend with Jordan Haase riding, and ran a personal best while doing it. Last August we also met up in the finals, but the results were different this time with Jordan taking the win after Rodney had an issue at the 3-4 shift. We were on a great pass, basically side by side with the slight edge to Jordan at the 330 before Rodney dropped off.

Pretty cool to win on the big stage along with a smooth personal best pass.





Do you ever come as far north as Say NY or Penn. even Mich ?
Not really. There used to be a few races in the NHDRO series that wold have a good turnout, namely at Indy, but it has unfortunately sort of fallen off a bit.

I believe Atco NJ will be back on the schedule next year.

This year the XDA series is at VMP and MDIR only. Some of us may also race at the World Cup Finals at MDIR, pending performance at the XDA series as it is top 10 invitational.

We may also be racing at South Georgia Motor sports Park in November at the ManCup Finals.



sportbikeryder what are your thoughts on the rule change announced yesterday?
I don't think they will slow down the liter bikes if they continue to race and put max effort towards performance, at least not the bike Jeremy Teasley rides. I also have no clue why an exception was made for one particular bike in the class regarding the "stock subframe location" when a 1k doesn't have any real seat rails made into the frame as on a Hayabusa.



Crazy finish to the season in Pro Street. That 6.61 would have been right at the front of the pack a year ago, and is still awesome today. It's hard to figure out what is truly fair on the rules considering the variation in the configurations racing. My concern is with hp levels being pushed the way they are engine longevity is a real obstacle for the regular racer. That could make bike count a problem.

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