I have to rant


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I put a 10 gal fish tank with accessories on craigslist about three weeks ago. It has a lit, light, rocks, sunken ship, heater and you know what these cost. A lot more then 20$ I was asking. This guy just call's my cell and ask if I still have the fish tank? Yes, I do. Will you take less? I said "no". He ask a 2nd time, I said "No, that is a deal and I'll keep it before I go less". Ok, he hangs us! He immediately sends me an text message from his 808-232-8037 cell phone that simply said "FU". I have never had that happen and it just runs all over me! People are so rude! Sorry, felt the need to tell the story! I should call him back and tell him to :moon: but I'm not that way! LOL
I have 3 pens a copy of the picture I posted from the paint shop and 1/2 used post it note pad... sounds good to me... you? seller pays shipping! and I get a clean desk to put the fish tank!


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See, you guys put a smile on my face! It's all good and I can put my AK back up. Better still take my Serquel XR for my PTSD though, just in case he shows up! :laugh::laugh::whistle:
its a scam he will tell you that ill send you the money gram after cashing it and then send the differents to my shipper fck theses people wasteing my time i hate this also when your trying to sell something and you already know its a good deal and then they want to know if you'll take less hell no i won't it will be nice if the obama would crack down on these bull sh;;t fake people like he did with the cop who arrested his brother :beerchug:
it would just be nice for people to realize they are getting a deal and be happy with that instead of wanting everything for damn near nothing or for their garbage!
I work in G4 so I am sure I can find some knives... The busa is in parts right now getting painted... how about pictures of a busa and TF Lightning reup knife? but you still got to pay shipping to APO... deal?


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i set my mass text to send him a flood of messages from misc numbers every 10 minutes..I hope he enjoys the new number he will be needing...your welcome:laugh:

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