I have no clue...........

You only have a few screws and then you have to pull the insert that the screw goes in to get the shield out. Be sure to put some WD 40 on the rubber inserts to make them go in easier. Good luck


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I would do that, but I would also pop the push-pins for the inner panels (helps you see the nut for the windscreen bolt. Hardest part is getting the insert back in, but a little spit or WD-40 will make it easy.


Just did mine yesterday and one of the simplest changes ever done on any bike. I used a little liquid soap as it drys up quickly.
I did everything from the outside. Remove the screws and the grommets, take of the old screen. Put the new screen on (leave the protective film on until you get it installed). Apply WD-40 to the grommets and put them back in the holes and then tighted with the screws. The hardest part was getting the screen to fit. At first it seemed like I had the wrong one.
I think that lining up the screen in the right grove is tricky. I took out the inner plastic piece to help get the rubber grommet out. Very easy after you have done it once..


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What they said except use dishwashing soap because it dries up without leaving a film on it .

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