i have a website that needs developing


I just registered www.busapower.com and net. I want to play around with them and make somthing cool. I made www.rabtech.com and it is coming along ok. I just need more members (hint)
I want BUSAPOWER to have a mind of its own. post some ideas here and lets get to work (or play). I personally would like it to have lost of custom artwork or somthing like that. I have unlimited bandwidth and storage. Whatever we do I want the people here to have 1st dibs on the ideas and work, This freaking board is the greatest. And will always be the best.
What I would like to see in more sites are sound bites and movie clips. I like to hear and see the busa in action. Maybe tricks, burnouts, sounds, and just cool stuff like that. That is just what I would like to see at a site. I will check out your Rabtech right now. Later.
Don't give up...I would love to be able to get all wrapped up in something like this but for the last 7 months or so I have just been screwed into the Woodwork job wise. No time for nothing...But hopefully...I'll get some time eventually...

10 hour days...boring ass drawings...Grrrrr...