I have a leak

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
I have a leak of clutch fluid. Clutch release cylinder I think is the name but I'm not 100% sure. In the second picture, it seems to come from behind the brass colored piece. Is there a seal in there? Can it be replaced? And if so, how does it come apart? Thanks in advance.


Yes it does come apart, and there is a seal.
Parts are available from Suzuki.
Since you have the slave cylinder in your hand, if you pump the clutch a few times you will see the piston start to come out, you may need to add fluid to get it out.
Pretty simple, clean all the parts, completely, you may need a scotch bright to help get the build up of grime off the piston.
Thanks. I guess it's similar to a brake caliper. I like to make sure before I do something that I'm not familiar with, it save headaches later on.
most times grime build up causes the leak. pull apart clean oring real good, use very light sand paper and clean inside, wipe out with good clean fluid and reinstall.
I finished up a little while ago and no leak. I cleaned everything real good and use a brillo pad to clean the inside and piston. I blew it off with compressed air, wiped it all down with brake fluid and put everything back together. Mityvac to get all the air out and it works better than ever. There was a lot of grime and black crud around the seal and in the cylinder. Right at 50k and still running great:thumbsup:
My '08 will probably have similar issues. All the grime from chain wax and my fluid is turning dark. 42K