I hate it when Im right


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A buddy of mine rode a 600 for quite awhile, He got to where he thought he could do anything, Well awhile back he flipped it doing 80 mph down the highway doing a wheelie

He was ok, Just alot of roadrash, Totaled the Bike.

Said he was going to get a ZX14, I said to him thats just what you need, something bigger and faster so you can hurt yourself even worse.

Well he has had his 14 now for a few months and it happened, Riding through Ark. he missed the last part of an ( S ) ended up in a ditch with 2 large holes in his arm and multiple cuts and bruises. Was in the hosp. for a couple days but seems to be recovering.

Just glad he was wearing his Helmet.

Just thought I would share. BE CAREFULL OUT THERE ! :please:


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Maybe he's not ready for motorcycling... Hopefully this is as bad as it gets for him.
He is consistently driving over his abilities, thus causing crashes. He needs to seriously examine why he is trying to disable himself for life. Something is wrong with his thinking (brain).???


Have a home situation similar but at the moment I can control it.
My youngest son (23) that lives with my wife and I has an 08 SV 650, that I bought and hold the title to. He is becoming a good rider but I know how he acts when we are not riding togather, and it is typical of young men that think crashing can never happen to them. He is the reason I got rid of my 750 Gixxer but he is still chomping at the bit to get his own...however...I told him that when he has ridded the SV for two years and had a few track training days and proved to me that he can be responsible, then I may consider giving him the title to his bike and he can do what he wants.


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It's a free country! You are free to be stupid and hurt yourself.

..well for now it is anyway.
It's a free country! You are free to be stupid and hurt yourself.

..well for now it is anyway.

yes...you ae free to be an idiot...

problem is that medical care is not free. a serious accident will run up major med. bills that will paid by us somehow, someway. even if the guy has insurance.


Never understood the "I can't crash." crap that goes through so many people's minds. Self-esteem is NOT a major problem amongst today's motorcycling youth...
Whats even worse is how the dealer won't hesistate to sell a brand new rider a Hayabusa or ZX14... I watched a salesman try to talk a guy that never owned a streetbike in his life into a GSXR1000 instead of the 600 he came to see...

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