I got really pissed off so I destroyed my BMW 160,000 car

I am not a huge fan of BMWs. I think they are overrated, and expensive. My g/f drives a 750il twin turbo. NOTHING is cheap if it has to be touched for anything. It's a heavy car. Even with all that power you aren't driving a quick nimble car. It is fast once it gets there but many can get there more quickly. Crazy optioned yes, but they break with frequency. The I-Drive is a nightmare. It with regularity sets some sort of fault of some system pretty regularly. Run flat tires are great, til you get a flat tire. Crazy expensive and not all that reliable as far as I'm concerned. I'd buy a Hyundai Eqous and pocket about 30K.

Having said all of that. These guys are wailing on this car with a sledge hammer and an ax with what appears to be all they got in them. And the car held up pretty good compared to a lot of cars. Says something about the quality of the car
It's his money and his car. He can do what he wants to it. He is obviously pissed off at BMW motors and he is sending a pretty effective message. If I was stupid money, I'd be tempted to do the same. Instead I got keep my Ford Truck that Ford wouldn't honor 3 weeks after it was out of warranty, and rive it for 3 years pissed off by no choice.
I've heard of cases just like this in the states happening. The bad publicity is so negative against the car dealer, that they'll want to fix the car anyway and just not have to deal with it.
Honestly, if the car breaks and it's out of warranty, with BMWs... it's pretty much bad luck. You're screwed...
A little extreme for my taste. What does he gain from this destructive behavior? I would bring it to the attention of any BMW clubs I could find in an attempt to make it worth BMWs effort to fix or replace it.

A salvage yard would pay pretty good money for that car... parts alone have to add up to 30K at least.
I wonder if he still has to pay on the car. Either way, that quarter panel is gonna cost him $5000 to replace. Lol
Stupid is as stupid does!
The Beemer stood up pretty well, I think.:laugh:

Not my favorite car either, the electronics have become like Microsoft Windows, sometimes something goes wrong and it is impossible to find out what caused it.

Drove one in Germany and at 150mph not as stable as I would have liked and I found it uncomfortable, steering is too big and seating position a bit awkward.