I found out one thing today....


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... that I am easily able to lift my bike up on solid ground!

First, think of every single cuss word you can and put it right HERE.... that's how I feel!

While slowing down for a stoplight, this woman in an old Buick (or ford) sedan makes a right turn (into a right turn lane) and takes it wide..... pulling out in front of me in my lane! I had a split second to react and just jammed both brakes and did an endo! I didn't flip it, but it pulled the back tire off the ground and I did a stoppie for about 5 feet. As the back tire came down crooked, I ended up dropping the bike. I was able to save it from a complete hard drop but it still dropped it down on the left side. Needless to say I am fuming mad right now! Oh, of course... the woman didn't even stop! Nobody stopped to ask me anything! I was able to lift the bike back up very easily and quickly and rolled it into a gas station parking lot to look it over. On the street I noticed some green coolant fluid that leaked out (still unsure if it's mine or not). Anyway, I turned around and came back home instead of going to Burger King as planned.

All of this happened about 30 minutes ago!

The damage is very minor and I guess I'll be pulling out my color-rite paint pens to do some more re-touching... on my left side!

This has ruined my Sunday! I'm not even in the mood to examine the bike more right now... waiting for it (and me) to cool down a little.

Be careful out there, guys... cagers are evil!!!

FYI: I was wearing jeans, joe rocket jacket, helmet, no gloves. So I was partially geared, but not fully.



oops, it happens to everyone man! you did less damage than most though so you are lucky! its fixable, and not bad! just be glad you were not moving at a high rate of speed when it went over... good luck on the repairs...


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(nitrousjunkie @ Sep. 17 2006,13:35) Oh yeah,sliders prolly would have prevented those.
Slider's, Muzzy type fan, should be on em from the stealership or when it comes out of the crate.  


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Pan! Dude! I am sorry to read this. I just came in from giving mine a good polish job and headed back out and I read this. I am feeling for you! We share your pain and frustration as fellow Busa owners/lovers!

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dude that suck, I practice emergency braking and lane changes everytime I ride hoping I don't need to use it. but usually do about once a week. i learned a long time ago to treat everyone around you is trying to kill you, if you take that route with cagers it'll give a little more time to react to them. sometimes it sucks to think that way but it has saved me more than once on assuming that a car is going to pull a stupid move infront of me.

you said the woman didn't stop, chances are she didn't even see you, even after the drop.


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Soory to hear about this... yet further proof that no matter how good we are as riders, no matter how vigilant we are, we still have to worry about everyone else on the road...


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True. We're at the mercy of cagers sometimes.

And I totally jacked my back up lifting the bike. I guess I was in such a hurry to lift it I didn't take the time to really use my legs... and my lower back is stiff and painful right now. Talk about adding insult to injury... and injury to injury!

Well, here's the first coat of touch-up paint. Not great (in the light) right now but it'll be better after a few more coats.



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... glad to hear you're ok
usually these accidents come from women riders .


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Frame sliders are a must. Bite the bullet and install them. Probably would have prevented this damage. Glad it was low speed and you are o.k.........minus the backache!


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Definitely consider those sliders. The damage was minor and you are okay and that's the important thng.

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