I finally went down today (pix)

Considering the fact that i bought my 2006 busa in january with no prior motorcycling experience this was bound to happen eventually.So yeah like i said i went down to my local mom n pop bike shop and had em install my rs3 bolt ons and my new undertail



05 Busa LE

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Man ... I almost didn't look ... but glad I did! Nice looking mods!

PS Did you have her remapped/install a PC, and change the air filter, to accommodate the increased airflow?
Its a "Rumble" undertail.I got it from 1tail.com
And yes i think later on i will get a K&N air filter and a powercommander.Overall the bike feels fine but i have to give it a bit of gas when starting cold.In the past all i did was hit the starter and it turned right on even if i hadnt touched it for days.Now if im cold starting i have to hit the starter and a bit of throttle.Guess she could use some fuel injection help.Now i can start saving for a powercommander and a aftermarket air filter.

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