I did my own inspection today


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I finally got around to getting my state inspection done. I do not trust many of the local dealers and am paranoid of anyone touching the bike anymore, especially after the cost and time it took painting it (plus, I have seen too many stunts done to customers' bikes at some places).

I went to the local Yamaha dealer, asked the mechanic if he had time to do an inspection and he asked for insurance and the key. I give him the key, then, "Oh, wait, you'll need this." I pass him my kill switch tether. He says it will be about ten minutes as he starts walking out the door.

I then remember, "Oh, I forgot, the gear pattern is reversed... do you mind if I watch, by the way?"

"Uhhh, actually," the mech looking at the tether cord with a hint of confusion, "you had better pull it around back."

After pulling it into the shop, he asks me to toot the horn, do the lights, brakes and run the bike so he could check the exhaust for leaks (signals not required). Well, nothing big really, but this is the first time I do an inspection without worrying a single bit about 'what is happening to my bike back in the shop'.

Too bad car inspections are not that easy, or cheap. $12 versus $40, with all of the special dyno-like emissions tests they now require here for cars 2-24 years old (mine is 24 years old, almost, but not quite, 25, yeah lucky me
Its crazy that just because he has a Yamaha shirt with his name on it he is qualified to sign off the inspection. Your probably more qualified than he is.

Glad it all worked out.

Reverse shitter(very nice)

living in the boonies of washington now, having been a techincian in the cities... tucson, portland, chicago, I understand the laws, restricitions, and owners' view of alot of different states and combinations including California(being a dealer in Oregon, I overcome customers' troubles by knowing Calis' laws), I am quite happy living in a non-smog area.

Imagine having a bike with dual exhaust. My last experience bing the KZ1000K which is still a police bike in many metros. one side of the exhaust passes... the other is too rich. not exhaust related, not intake related, blah blah blah. Being a certified mechanic, certified painter, bodyman, electrician, etc.... yada yada... I wound up fighting my case with a DEQ supervisor, who went to the same tech school as I did, and won. needless to say, knowlege is power. period. unless your vehicle is passing more gas than your favorite dentist, you should be okay.

the minimum wage paid google-heads in those shops don't know the difference between co2 and c2o. nevermind..... just gonna get going, and wish I was in some non-comformitive district... oh yea, I live in Washington, nevermind.

okay, sorry for the rant, but gimme a friggin break. you got a busa, if you got problems getting it registered, you got problems.
Narcissus - I take my bike to Central Yamaha in Plano. The service mangager there is Dean, good guy and treats you right. Pull the bike around back they start it up check the basic functions and your out of there in five minutes. It takes longer to pay the $12 then to get the inspection.
Same here with me I went to a local shop Harley and Honda it took longer to shoot the crap with all the guys checkin out my bike then the inspection took they just did basics of course I pointed out only 1200 miles so there was no big need
Where i live it's still a free for all....do my own inspections..
don't think it pollutes to much..and yea all the lights work..may come to this area sooner or later..
Glad you got it through without any problems Narcissus. There is no safety inspection here in GA but there is emission testing only in some counties.
We have inspections here in New York every year.... But... They don't ride the bike... I did have one year I wanted to kill the guy doing the inspection when I had the V Max.. He took the old inspection sticker off my front fork with a razor!!! The $#@@^% took off the paint under the sticker to!!! I went wild!!!! You see I'm the type of guy that cleans my cycles after each ride, no bugs or dirt on any of my bikes when I start my rides. Im not afraid to ride the hell out of a bike but I do keep them all looking and working like new.
No safety or emissions in Cally! Just riding!!!!!! Of course
we have all that CA Emissions crap on our bikes. Down's the ponies some. But always a way around that.
No inspections in Cali but they have a voluntary program that asks if they can "borrow" your bike for a while to "test" it. My mechanic said don't do it! They'll take you bike for a week or so and take it all apart and if you've done any mods to it you'll have to put it back to stock.
Nope I didn't, I got two letters asking me to "participate" in the program but I declined.