I cant find anything it techlusion pcii yosh ems


OK I have been on other boards looking for more info on these units can and emailing the company too. I will post what the Tech from Techlusion sends me on this unit . Thank you to Hawaiibusa for posting the site to check it out. Now for the important 20,000 dollar question what are you using have you had any problems has anyone tried all of these and had a prefference. Has anyone seen or read anything on the techlusion version of the box .Please help me with this decision It seems like it would work great but I am no electrical engineer .
Here is what they sent me on the techlusion

Here's the run down :
1. PCII don't go there!It is old technology that manipulates sensors to
effect fuel changes.Big problems when you push the fuel adjustment out side
of the range of the sensor (it won't go there)
2 PCIII, same technology as ours, pulse width modification to change fuel
delivery. there's is strictly rpm based, so either get poor
roll-on/detonation, or overrich fuel everywhere to achieve good midrange.
3. EMS, exactly the same as PCIII, but with Yosh just putting their pipe on
each bike then using the Dynojet tuning link to write the map (which doesn't
work either, but that's another story)
4. Our product, because we just separate the fuel into 3 basic ranges
because, just like a carburetor which just has a needle , main jet and idle
mix, that's all you need to readjust fuel to achieve results. Also, our
product is loaded based (like a CV carb) so it can tell when you're cruising
and when you are on the power, we can optimize the fuel whenever you are
looking for maximum acceleration ( remember drilling Cv slide holes to max
slide speed?)
5. Compare the simple yet effective adjustments that we offer and compare it
to the endless myriad of combinations of fuel (140 individual adjustments
in each map!) all developed on some body else's bike.
6. I've also been told by PC distributors that they've gotten lots of
failures especially after the unit has been on the bike for a few months.
There you go

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> Hi Rick I realize that you do not use the PCII or the Yosh EMS but I am
> looking for the one that will give me the best performance . I have a
> already so I dont have that additional cost and to be honest its not about
> money . If you could give me a quick overview of how each works what you
> seen with yours or theres I have seen alot of posts on failures with the
> PCII's I want the best performance for my bike . Do you tune yours on a
> I do have access to one of those also . I think I understand that yours is
> adjustable in three different ranges idle mid and High a PCII or a Yosh
> does not ????? What do they do for your bike then . I can not find anyone
> uses your product to ask any questions to on any of the sites that I am a
> member of I will deffinatly let them know what I find to help get the
> out ..
> Thank you
> Ronald Stewart
Wow thanx Ron, I need one of these as my bike is running rich right now since the full Yosh system was installed. I will probly get the Techlusion unit. I hope it works but I will probly wait til next month.
A fella who belongs to my riding group has the Techculsion installed on his GSXR 1000. He has nothing but good things to say about it.
When I install an aftermarket pipe that is most likely the path I will follow.
Cool this is the sort of thing I was hoping to get from this board I have not yet installed a Techlusion computer but I think that is the way I am going to go also I will post my Dyno sheets etc for all to see if anyone has any of theres or other info about the Yosh it would be great .

PS I have seen alot of people talking about the failures on the PCII's anyone seen alot of this I am checking right now on the warranty of the techlusion unit this I will post also ..

Have fun stay safe Go faster than anyone else
I know several bikes with the Tech on them. They all run great but you only have one setting(that does ajust alittle on it's own) which may not be a problem for you. I am going with the yosh ems because of the options and so I can run nos. But the Tech does work very well !


Cool thanks TJ I had another org member get in touch with me and offer me a PCII so I am going to buy it try it and try the Tech part both on dyno and down the road and post the results with dyno graphs on the board I may sell which one I like the least I would like to get some more info on the Yosh system so whoever has one give me a holler and let me know what you think how did it work got a dyno graph etc
First, if you give the bike proper fuel, there is no better timing than
stock (unless you're running some exotic race fuels). The factories don't
have to compensate timing for emissions and digital ignition is so accurate
they can pinpoint exactly the timing they want. You can set it up on a dyno
if you have a four gas gas analyzer , call me for the settings. Otherwise,
try setting it up by roadtesting. if you friends at Waterville are dynojet
fans, tell them our owner/president is the founder of Dynojet and invented
both the jetkit and dyno. He sold the company in 1997, and our product is
the way he saw fixing F.I. , not the PC!
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> Hey Rick ,
> I have just a few more questions and thanks for working with me . Does
> Tech do anything with the ignition it was my understanding that both of
> other units did something with the timing etc. and what is the warranty of
> your unit I believe I am going to purchase one and run it on the dyno to
> the results would this be an accurate way to tune the bike I would also
> to send you the results and post them on Hayabusa.org there are alot of
> questions flying around about the techlusion and I believe with some
> graphs and such to show good hard results its possible you could get some
> real business I must warn you I also am going to run the bike with a PCII
> see what the differences are . My friends at Starting Line in Waterville
> Maine have a Dyno and they pretty much let me work right there with them
> are great guys and if they see some results they may want to become
dealers .
> I also have to warn you they have been avid Dynojet jet kit fans for years
> (they put one in my 88 GSXR750 and my 89 GSXR1100 both ran awsome stage 3
> both the biggest problem I had was dirty fuel clogging a main jet easy
fix )
> anyway thanks for the info
> Ronald Stewart
> race24x@aol.com
Does anyone use the Yosh system how does it work it seems to be the only one I dont find much info on

FYI, The Yosh EMS has the ability to map all six gears individually, something that the PCIIIr or PCII cannot do, so it was wrong for him to lump the Yosh system into the same category as the Power Commanders. Keep looking for info, and do not accept what any vendor says as gospel, they will tell you what you want to hear, not necessarily what is accurate.


Thanks SJ I knew there had to be a reason better than name brand for the big price difference . I dont know if I would need that feature unless I had Turbo or Nitrous is there any other reason you would want to map differnetly for each gear ??????
The factory does........

If you look in the service manual, you will see that there are different ignition maps for the 1-4, and 2-3 cylinder pairs. Also, 5th & 6th gear are mapped richer on top, to compensate for the ram air effect. Thats why bike run crappy with the TRE. It substitutes the fith gear pa for all the gears. You get the unretarded timing of 5th gear on the low end, so that yo can pull wheelies, but you will be running too rich on top. Do an a/b test of the tRE at the dragstrip, and you will see. If you are a consistent rider, you will turn better times without the TRE every time.


I am having a yosh ems installed on my busa by the motorhead and i will let you know how he says it works. the main reason I got it is because you can map each individual gear and carry 3 different maps on board plus I wanted to be different. Vance and hines is also coming out with a feul injection management system and factory pro.
If you are just street riding the tech is good. If you are racing the pcIIIr is better but the yosh is the best(but costs more) .