I am now a Busa and 1000 owner


Dis in my way!
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I have been debating over the purchase, I barely get to ride my Busa anymore. I rode a 1000 this summer and it was a blast, completely different ride to the Busa in my opinion. It was like jumping on a bike that just wanted to move and go through the twisties... But then you get on the Busa and its just big and mean...... I just can't decide..
I'd like to ride a 1000, see the difference, I know they are comparable in power- I race one a lacr alot- we are neck and neck all the time. I wanted a bike that could go on long rides, the gixxers are not that comfortable- the busa can be made to be. I am going to get a cruiser also- I liked the honda spirit 750 at the long beach show. nice ride, I'd like to ride one to see how it is, I don't know if a 750 twin is going to be enough power for me.
There is just something magical about the liter class bikes that I have always loved.

They are quick, light, nimble, and they are PURE sportbikes.


If ya got a busa, why?

Since i bought this bike i dont feel the need!
Pinna :hammerhead:[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
I agree !!!!!!!!!!
+as James Gray would say ''what ya gonna do when the money runs out''
If ya got a busa, why?

Since i bought this bike i dont feel the need!
Pinna :hammerhead:[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
I agree !!!!!!!!!!
+as James Gray would say ''what ya gonna do when the money runs out''
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
The Busa was paid for a couple of years ago. If I run low on money I'll sell the Busa.

I've thought about all the "what ifs".

You should climb aboard the GSXR1000 sometime, you might be suprised at what you're missing.
Myself personally, I love the curves and the Busa does o.k. at tak'in 'em, but I'm really getting tired of dragging the footpegs and bodywork everytime I go to Deals' Gap or the track. I'm using up all of my tires and I need something more.

There are about six people in my area that have owned both bikes at the same time. I was lucky enough to get to ride a couple of the 1000's before "committing" to it.
I owned a 2000 GSXR750, it was a pretty fast bike also (had tons of work done to it, it kept up with a stock 1000). After riding a gixxer and riding a busa, I'd stay with the busa all day. The busa has such an exotic look. I love everything about the busa that my gixxer didnt have- comfort, monster midrange and top end, clock, dual pipes, gas guage, less vibration in the rearsets and clipons, much bigger seat for me and my wife, higher resale value (if you keep it mostly stock), and cheaper insurance (state farm)

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not ragging on the gixxer1000, I've ridden them and they are sick bikes. But in my 6'4", 260 pound chunky opinion, they simply were not practical. I would ride 50 miles on my gixxer, and my hands, back, and legs were KILLING me, I mean stinging burning pain. I can put 150 miles on my busa with no problem at all!

To give you an idea how uncomfortable I was on my gixxer (this was after riding it about 4000 miles) I tried to make the trip from Tampa to Daytona for Bike Week. I made it to lakeland, turned back, put the bike on the trailer and drove it there! I felt like such an panzy ass! LOL

So my conclusion is this, if you are a person who is so obsessed with speed that you will sacrifice all the luxuries of the busa for a fraction of a second faster quarter mile time, for the love of pete get the gixxer!

But for me and my co-pilot (my wife), I got the busa and I'm happier than a pig in sh*t, this bike is just awesome




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Of course I'm die hard Busa...I do have the opportunity to ride the 1000 as often as I like because two friends own them...I love the 1000 you can do so many more tricks on it...And it handles like a feather...If I could own two bikes it would of course be the Busa for all out performance and the 1000 for trick rides...
I also like the looks of the gixxr1000, would be nice to ride one to see the difference. I have never ridden a sportbike. I don't consider the busa a "Sportbike", have only had one other street bike before.

interesting how this thread went exactly one year between posts....
Lucky son of a .............that's my next bike.....keepin the Busa though....wait till you wheelie it in second.......the thing goes forever.

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