i am mad at moderators..


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i have been here for over 5 years and none of you hot shots posted and congratulate my birthday here.. my birthday was in april and i just hold off for a while see if i get over it but have not yet and i had to write this thread..
shame on you hot shot, big cheese moderators..
i will banned you all from this forum for life..and did i mention you guys SUCK..


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I for one have repeatedly asked the powers that be to acknowledge your special day, but they keep mumbling something about "unstable" and "in an institution" : whistle:

On behalf of all slackers here, we humbly apologize and shall forget again next year, but truly don't mean it :rofl:

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If you want to provide your full name, SSN , address, phone and date of birth I'm sure someone would be glad to take notice of that information :)


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would it help you feel better if I say that today is my birthday and didn't get the forum special treatment? :laugh:


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Dang, we can't catch a break.

How about this....Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday today and the days after today infinity. :laugh:
I'm a bit confused...is this a joke...or what? >.>
No he's legitimately butt hurt. His feelings have been assaulted and he thinks he deserves some recognition that he is still on this earth sucking air after one year since his last recognition of his being on this earth still sucking air. Some of us need validation that we are still alive one year after our last validation. Thank god it usually only lasts a average of 76.5 years.

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