Every day without any deviation, i probe search engines and forums and message boards and online magazines and everything possible to maybe catch a smidgen of info on next years Busa. I want picture, sketch or anything. Are you guys plagued with this futile curiosity?
No. Havin' too much fun on the one I got. Relax all the new info will be out in a few months.
I have some late breaking info on the '05:

I bought an '03 new in March/May. This means that because of Murphy's law and my overall luck, the '05 will undoubtedly be faster and better looking.

Because I put hard bags on mine, it means that the '05 will surely have some Givi knock-off bags optional, and at less than $600

Since I bought a centerstand, the '05 will have one, standard. It will be easy to take off.

After installing a 17 tooth front sprocket on mine for smoother highway running, the '05 will come with a 15 tooth, but retain it's max top speed. Additionally, it will get better gas mileage.

Since I bought mine this year, I am sure that American Suzuki will not implement the now-popular "owner loyalty" promotion, like the cage-drivers benefit from.

There are Helibars on my bike now. Suzuki will leave the '05 as it is currently. The bars are too "dorky", and no "real" enthusiast would want that.

Throttlemiester cruise control bar ends? I LOVE mine, but it's too much of a liability risk for Suzuki. Besides, this is a powerful beast, not a Goldwing.

Of course there will be BNG (bold new graphics). Probably something like, say, um, silver and gray?

Suzuki will retain the rear seat cover, but they will now refer to it as a "passenger avoidance measure". This new naming convention is a result of Suzuki's attempt to be more politically correct. They feel that the word "hump" is not gender sensitive enough. Besides, having your "passenger avoidance measure" affixed to your motorcycle significantly reduces your chances of hump-ing. Like Alannis says, isn't it ironic?

Suzuki will not have a built-in cutout in the '05's bodywork to facilitate easy installation of frame sliders. That would be like the Highway Patrol issuing everyone radar detectors with their licenses..... where is the revenue generation in that?

Want proof in my predictions? Well, after spending $2000 getting my '03 more comfortable as well as fast enough (the gearing slows it down a bit, but it turns 2500rpm @ 65mph in 6th), Yamaha released it's death grip on the FJR1300 production the SAME WEEK as I bought my 'Busa. The Yamaha was my initial 1st choice while I was shopping, but it wasn't available for under $13500, and not in my state at all.

Which brings us to price. It will probably be $11,200. Why? Because I bought mine for $9200, and put $2K into it.
naw. I gots the best there is. I can wait indefinitely for them or someone to make something better. learn contentment and lot of other little things in life will be less frustrating also.
FYI KBB and NADA value for trade in on a 2003 Hayabusa is
between $5900 and $6800... not that I'm looking ;)
im happy with my 2000 busa,i kno it's abit old now,but hell she does a good job:D
i will do it up and keep it for showing and spend alot more on her,but sometime i think i will have to buy an upto date one.
there great bikes and i'll stick with um
It is really amazing that no useful info ever leaks out about colors or features on new model year Busa's. Maybe everyone is either threatened with death or is denied their free yearly Busa if they spill the beans.

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Every day without any deviation, i probe search engines and forums and message boards and online magazines and everything possible to maybe catch a smidgen of info on next years Busa.  I want picture, sketch or anything.  Are you guys plagued with this futile curiosity?
you better believe it brother !! I love the '02 but it's trade-in time and am VERY anxious about what Zuk is gonna do to the '05 and it better not be some lame addition like more cupholders or something