I agree with BusaGod


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I finally had a chance to log on after a week on the road. I am STILL on the road in Austin Texas (JohnnyCheese I will call soon). I read the post by BusaGod, which was kind of stringent, but also kinda accurate. Let me explain and offer a possible solution.

First, I did not and do not have time to read the three pages of responses, so perhaps someone suggested this already. I love this site and have been an active member for a long time. Met many people and have done several group rides/gatherings and even hosted one. In the past year, this site has grown beyond belief, which is great, but it really does it challenging to follow what is going on. If I miss a few days of checking posts, they are so many I can not possibly catch up. Again, my own issue.

However, what would help immensely is if we could get better at placing topics into the correct categories. I search the general to hear about riders down, major problems, etc. Sadly, I don't have time to look at "I just waxed my bike" or "check out my new bling-bling". That stuff is fine, but maybe we should consider some new categories.... Like a pictures category, and an IMPORTANT messages category.

With the sites amazing growth, I would just suggest that we (including me) try to get our posts into the right places. General seems nice because of the broad coverage, but it really does tie up a lot of bandwidth that many folks don't care about or, like me, don't have time to look at (I wish i did!).

Anyway, just a suggestion from an old brother.


Read the rest of the thread, you will laugh your tail off.
Just don't read it while riding!