I’m having a hard time getting my bike in the back of the truck…


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Any thoughts? :laugh:


I would worry about just being able to get in the cab first. :laugh:
Had to do a double-take...it makes your Busa look like a mini-bike!!! Get some very custom ramps, great fun loading and even more backing down unloading!
The roof is perfectly aligned to use the ramp!

Indeed. Ride your bike up a ramp onto the roof and then down another ramp onto the truck. I guarantee that if you go around with that bike in that truck you'll get some serious "WTF?!" stares. :whistle:
Ya just go to the lumber yard and get two 22' two by twelves. They will work just fine trust me.
Obvious solution: Lower the tailgate on the truck, follow the truck with the busa (wife drives?) Wheelie the truck until the gate drags, juice the busa till it climbs in the back, back off on the truck....no rat traps. Done:beerchug:
back up to a hill and use a short ramp. Make sure you have a BIG hill handy for loading and unloading. :laugh: