Hump Storage Modification

I have followed several of the posts on modifying your hump for storage, Icemann, IG, etc. *There was hardware available from a number of sources but they all seemed to have issues. *They looked flimsey, had no retainers so if you dropped them they were lost. *IceMann and one other post hit the nail on the head with 1/4 turn fasteners. *Here is what I did in lesss than 10 min., not including the trip to the local aviation supply that took the most time, the total cost $8.12.

Parts List:
4 ea. Southco wingnut fastener P/N 82-12-300-16 @ 1.54 ea.
4 ea. Southco DAC recepticle P/N 82-47-113-150 @ .28 ea.
4 ea. Southco retainer P/N 82-32-101-20 @ .07 ea.
4 ea. Southco wear washer P/N 82-46-101-39 @ .14 ea.

Here is what all of the hardware looks like:


Remove the bolts holding the bottom plate to the hump


Remove the nut recepticale from the inside of the hump with the tip of a small screw driver




Very usefull and I've ordered these from AircraftSpruce in GA and its like was said here. It was $8.66 and $2.07 to uspo ship to me in Ca.. just waiting now to do this mod. thanks for this info...
on another note..I've seen some bikes with hump and grab bar on at same time.. mine wont fit unless I notch the hump for the mounts of the grab bar.. mines an 06 if it matters.. pm me if you have info.. thanks..:thumbsup:
I just did this mod with the info from first posting and it was an easy mod.. ordered online and had it here in 2-3 days.. I notched my hump as well like in the pics to allow me to leave the grab bar on.. more riding thanks for the info :beerchug:

for those who didnt see the info it is again.. using same pics..just 3 of them as u dont need pics to see how its done step by step..

i added pics just now..

here is order info :
I just modded my hump to be used as a storage by replacing the bolts and retainers with quick release type retainers from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. I had read on another forum as to what was needed to do this.. so I ordered what was mentioned and had to my door within 3 days from Corona, Ca Tel # 877-4-spruce or look up online and order thru there.... I also notched the hump cover to be able to leave the grab bar on all the time.. i think it looks better too.. anyhow.. here's a list of the parts to do the mod to the hump.
Southco Wingnut # 82-12-300-16 qty 4 @ 1.48 each = 5.92
Dac Receptacle #82-47-113-150 qty 4 @ .31 each = 1.24
Southco Retainer #82-32-101-20 qty 4 @ .07 each = .28
Southco Washer #82-46-101-39 qty 4 @ .14 each = .56
tax = .66
total = $8.66
shipping $2.07 ======================total was $10.73 to me.. pretty cool mod to any bike===

Busa Hump Mods.jpg

Busa Hump Mods1.jpg

Busa Hump Mods2.jpg
I just installed the one from humpmod. Haven't been able to try it on a ride...-10 degrees and ice/snow covered roads don't allow it, but it seems to work very well.
Just did this mod. Luv it, but I do have one complaint. The studs just flop around when they're not fastened making it difficult to line-up when you go to close it.

Has anyone checked to see if this arrangement will work?
Adding another wear washer (#82-46-101-39) and ejector spring (# 43-13-1-24).


I think by adding the spring the studs would remain fully extended and maybe help lining things up.

So I ordered the ejector springs and extra wear washers.
Quite pleased with the results, much easier to align the studs!

I will say that the added thickness of the extra wear washer does make for a tighter fit.
By the looks of them, it's that little raise lip on the washer that's showing signs of being crushed.
So, you could probably do without the washer or try the 3/64" longer stud 82-12-340-16.

If you go this route here is what you'll need.
Southco Winged Stud #82-12-300-16 qty 4
Southco Dac Receptacle #82-47-113-150 qty 4
Southco Ejector Spring #43-13-1-24 qty 4
Southco Split Ring Retainer #82-32-101-20 qty 4
Southco Wear Washer #82-46-101-39 qty 8




Yeah I saw the Tiger unfortunately right now I cant swing the 80 bucks plus I will be buying two so really cant do 160!!! Thanks anyways Russell though, think I will spend the 20 bucks for all the peices and do it myself
I love this site. A post that is 6-7 years old is still helping new guys like myself. Just ordered a kit. Awesome!