Hump Storage Modification

Need this for my quick trips to the border...
I ordered all of the parts today and total was $18 with shipping for enough to do 2 humps (one for a fellow rider as soon as he sees how practical this is). Good tip and thanks
I just bought mine from IG at and installed them. Was a 10 minute job and I love it! I carry my Neilson Rigg half cover in there. It's perfect!
This is my first mod to my Busa. Easy inexpensive and practical.
Thank you very much for sharing the info.

After 7 years I still can't believe Id log in to check out things and still see some of my old post being referenced.

Good job on the posting ref the hump mod.  In my particular case.  The knurrled knobs poke thru the plastic, then a retaining ring holds the knobb from falling out.  The rest is the same.  That way in the dark the knobbs dont fall onto the ground and piss ya off.
Do the wing nuts get in the way of anything?  

Been meaning to order this for a long time, just ordered through Aircraft Spruce and total with USPS shipping was $10.88. :thumbsup:
This is pretty close to what IG is selling them for at *His basic kit is $12 and the only thing I see missing is the wear washer under the wing nut. * I just thought for those of us who like to do this sort thing should have the information. *I bought 2 extra sets, interested in one?

The extra wear washer is in the kit he has..... well atleast it used to be when I bought one about 3 or 4 years ago.
Bump for an oldie but goodie. I have purchased the Tiger Racing Hump mod and I enjoy it...well worth the money, but this is a great mod as I ordered from Spruce this evening...12 bucks with shipping.

To the OP...thanks for the post!
Thanks for the info on ordering the parts. I have ordered them from Spruce and they
are on the way. Excellent tutorial too..!!
I love seeing old post redone! Keep it going. I remember when I posted this back in 2000. Funny seeing it again:thumbsup:
I love seeing old post redone! Keep it going. I remember when I posted this back in 2000. Funny seeing it again:thumbsup:

Kudos to you and IG! This is such a good thing and simple as heck, thanks for starting the whole thing rolling.

Actually my bike came with this from the previous owner.. He actually cut a sguare in the plastic with a latch.. looks really good and i can store my Tire kit when i get one.. Great mod
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Great mod. I was looking at mine today wondering the best way to do this. Now I know. Little bump for all the other new busa owners.

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thats a great mod to read about.. I've been wanting to do this to mine as well as notch it to keep the grab bar on the bike.. ive seen others like this and liked it..
Another mod I did was adapted a cig lighter to a battery tender with the clamp ends.. cut them off and matched to cig lighter so now I can plug in cell phone or whatever needs charging or even.. a mini pump to add air to a tire...:thumbsup: