Hump Storage Mod


I've seen a couple people list a "hump storage mod" on their list of modifications to their busa. Sounds like a good idea since I can't even fit a 6" Togo's sandwich in my trunk. So what is this hump storage mod? Does anyone have pictures?
I've seen a couple people list a "hump storage mod" on their list of modifications to their busa.  Sounds like a good idea since I can't even fit a 6" Togo's sandwich in my trunk.  So what is this hump storage mod?  Does anyone have pictures?
there are 2. The first was simply to cut a hole in the white base of the hump to access the space. The second is a modification that allows you to remove the white piece quickly using knurled nuts or wing nuts. i don't know where the specific directions are.

Someone chime in with instructions.
Done a search and found this... I "think" this is what Thinker was referring to. Hope it helps...
What do you mean you can't fit a 6" Togo sandwich in there? The other week I fit a live 2lb. lobster in there for the ride home from work.
i was going to do the thing with the wing nuts but got tired of trying to mess with getting all the stuff and just took the dremmel to it and was done with it cant see it anyway fit my liner up in there when it is too hot or rain jacket fits also ;)
Ok, so why not just cut out ALL the white part under the hump except for fwhat is holding on the important parts? There's tons of room under that hump. I just think it was poorly designed. I've seen guys on GSXR 750's and CBR 600's (WAY SMALLER BIKES) fit a whole 6-pack in their trunk! Meanwhile, I can't order any food to go because I can't take it with me. (Unless I have my tank bag or back pack with me, ofcourse)

Tank bags rule, by the way! Love 'em!
Drew, I'm here in the Bay Area... Let's ride some time... I'm going to Mod mine w/ a hinge and release setup. Hinge on the forward (hook end) and a quick release in the back (key latch end) I've got access to a full machine shop and composite/sheet metal shop... Where I did the hump/grab bar mod...
Hey Corroded, please enlighten me on the hump/grab bar mod when you get a chance, I thought that was the worst designed feature on my entire 'Busa


As to the mod, I'm noodling over a couple of ways to do it.

1.  Leave the way it attaches to the bike and use a hinge at the hook end
and a quarter turn fastener on the latch end.

2.  as above but with a release (of some sort) to let you open the hump
without removing it.

Which would be better for you?

Now to the handle mod...  That took a little over an hour using patience
and a die grinder with a rotary file.
Take the hump off, remove the latch end bolts, loosen the hook end bolts...

Install the hand rail,

Latch the base and gently draw/scribe the front and back edge of where the
hump hits the hand rail.

Grind small amount off at a time and check how it fits, then repeat until
it fits without touching the hand rail.

When you think you've got it correct, put all the bolts back into the hump
and see how it latches, if it touches the hand rail, repeat the above
until you have a small amount of clearance.

I do not have any clear pictures of it right now, this is close...

The hump storage mod in a nutshell!

First remove the hump white plastic floor by removing the four bolts.
Remove the four threaded receiver plates that the bolts screwed into.

Replace the threaded receiver plates with identical quarter turn receiver plates. They press into place.

Place a knurrled quarter turn knob into the white plastic "floor" and secure it with the press on clamp. It allows the Knob to hang into the hole with out falling out.

Repeat with the other three bolts.

You should now have a white floor with four knobs dangling from the holes. Place white floor into hump shell, align knobs into receivers and turn a quarter turn. Hump floor secured.

You can do a search for the quarter turn parts and request a sample. You will get all parts needed for FREE!