Huge motorcycle crash


Huge motorcycle crash

Motorcycle smashes into back of car on highway, this is one hard hit.


Low speed motorcycle accident

Low speed motorcycle accident, luckily the rider got out of this one easy.


Motorcycle rider sliding down the highway

Motorcycle rider sliding down the highway, the driver of the camera car sure sounds funny.


Crazy dirt bike jump

Crazy Finnish guy does an amazing jump with his dirt-bike. So many things could have gone wrong in this stunt.


Police chase in Japan on a bicycle

Police make chase on a bicycle, not so fast and fourious.


ATV tires of rider runs away

ATV tires of rider runs away after the rider pops a wheelie.


Human Motorcycle

This "making of " video was shot over the course of 3 days and captures the process of bringing human motorcycles to life for an ad campaign.
Low speed one sucks. Classic example of bikes being to small to be visible behind a car. Motorcyclist probably couldn't see the car either because he was riding in blind spot.

Don't ride in blind spot. Ever.???
That first one did not look good at all... And I am always afraid of a car turning in front of me due to the fact that other's can't see me.
On that slow one passing on the right is never a good idea. especially at an intersection. If im approaching an intersection with a car a use them as a blocker like a running back would do.
The last vid about the Human motorcycles was pretty cool. We can watch crashs vid all day, but that one is unique!! :thumbsup: