huge favor to ask!

both are sold already.  EERRRR!!!   need I say more?
 Just keep looking, somethings bound to turn up.

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You'll find something and probably closer than you think. Just give it a little time.
Theres a dealer here in Davenport Iowa that has a silver 2003 with 900 miles on it. Ive seen it myself and it is perfect. the sticker says 9900 but I know he will deal. Let me know if you want some info.
I have a friend with a black/red 2005 busa he wants to sell for 10k flat no miles or nothing, his bike was stolen and he had chose the busa to replace it but now he has rethought it and he wants another tlr1000.If you are interested lemme know, the bike will be used, you will be second owner but the bike itself is brand spankin new and still sitting at the dealership.
u only have 7500 to work with... there is a blue /silver here in AZ, but its been dropped and has tons of miles.