HUD in your helmet. I love the idea.

Looks promising and I like the fact you buy the unit and not a system built into the helmet. Allows you to mount it on different helmets or allow a friend to let you test it out before plunking down a nice chunk of change :whistle:
That looks interesting. It would be much easier to see GPS routes on a HUD compared to looking down at one mounted on the top triple tree. $529 seems high though. If it was in the $200-$300 range I would think seriously about it.
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A brand new Go-Pro costs 2-300 dollars, a GPS system+mount on your bike costs a couple hundred as well so to get a device that does what a go pro and gps does and a whole lot more doesn't seem that expensive IMO
It's a good idea to have the new HUD, but 2 things will be bad. The devices will distract the rider from paying attention that person on their cell phone driving near them. Also since it's new it will be expensive and will take some time for the price to come down.
I would think the most valuable purpose, for me at least, would be radar detector integration. I could probably justify the price in reduced tickets alone...
Yeah you won't see many of these anymore...These were the original ones..

Sportvue had a basic version of this...

700$ was a guess and only a guess. I have nothing to base that. if the backing price is a little under 699$ it just seemed logical to guess the price will be around 700$ after release. I hope I was wrong on that.