HP after Power commander installed

I had a power commander installed on my 06L.E. After the custom map was built the bike had a max HP of 149.6. Does this seem low to anyone else? shouldn't it be more than that. It was done by Cycle Werkz in ft. worth, and they have a great reputation. I have a G.I. ProATRE, and Yosh R-22 slip-ons.


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What kind of dyno and what is the correction factor....?

If you post the graph with all the weather info, I'm sure JohnnyCheese would be happy to tell you what's going on with it...


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... with slips you can not get a good performance , but at least you should see 154-156 hp . 149 is low .


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Did you have a base line done before toy put the PC on if so and your numbers are low Pull the thing off. Also give Johnny Cheese a shout I am sure he will be more than happy to look at your graphs.


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If you didn't get a base line pull before your mod, you really won't have a clue as to what you accomplished?


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I wouldn't worry about the numbers. You got a 5 hp gain and the A/F looks much better. I'd say it is likely one of the more accurate dyno sheets posted. They used SAE correction which will show slightly lower numbers than the STD numbers some engine builders use to make their numbers look better. My bike put up 153.4 SAE with a pipe on a Dynojet 250i. It also showed 168.8 on another dyno.

You sound low. Maybe you need to change your oil or clean your injectors with injector cleaner. The pic is from last friday. I have dual slipons pcIII smart tre and k&n in this run. That was a hand tune becsuse of problems with communications between the pcIII and the dyno computer. Maybe your filter needs changing.



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My 05 dynoed stock at 158. Your numbers should be higher than 149.6. If you're running stock with slipons, you really don't need the PC unless the slipons are causing a lot of popping.


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Scott at Cyclewerkz did my GSxr 750. After a little tinkering it is 120hp. Mine seemed low when talking to others with the same bike. I think it's just the Dyno showing a little low or maybe it is a "Real" number. He knows what he's doing...trust me.
I know that he told me he built the map at 100, 75, 50, 25, and 10% throttle. I just got curious after I put my brother 02 back together and rode it. He has a power commander and yosh trs slip ons, and it feels like his bike has more power. Is it the ATRE that make my bike just feel like it has less since it has mapped with that power commander and I don't have that hesitation?

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