how would the airbox mod effect my bike?


Been curious, thought of doing the airbox mod for a few more ponies but then again ive heard people say that i will lose mid-top end power. I dont think anyone wants to lose power from their bikes so why do so many people do this mod? I have a map for my bike set up with the small airbox mod so i can do it if i want to just dont wanna lose any power...

I got a full akro, pcIIIusc, bmw air filter.

any input would be appreciated thanks guys.
Others may chime in but I don't think you loose any power.
That mod is part of several (that you have done) to get more air through the motor, which also lets in more fuel.
More air and more fuel = more power.
You could also remove the PAIR valve system.
This is one popular mod that I have never done. Every time this topic comes up, some say its a positive, some say its a negative. Unless someone shows me proof that its a positive, I wont be doing the mod. Once you have done the mod, there is no return.


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If its not tuned on a dyno, correctly you will lose power!

If you tune the bike for it,, it will help on top end!

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