How would a guy like me afford insurance on a busa


ok, any of you guys got some way to get some DIRT cheap insurance, or some good cheater way to do it (like say insurance on my dads name only or something but I wont get in trouble for riding it)

Im only 18 years old here, and have wanted a crotch rocket for SO long. I wanted a gsx 600 but I figure why not pay 2k more and get a busa since its way faster, the insurance quotes from like progressive arent much different for the two.

Id like full coverage, so I can finance it, but if needed I could also go pay cash and take it right home.

Some of you may say to get the 600 anyway because id be a newer rider, but im only new to sport bikes, ive road dirtbikes for years and conned my dad to take his harley around a few times
, which was nice hehe.

also on a side note I think I read somewhere a kawasaki zx 12 is faster then a busa? is that true or is it a lie? id like to get the fastest one if im gonna get one at all.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
ive road dirtbikes for years and conned my dad to take his harley around a few times  
, which was nice hehe.
This ain't your Daddies Harley!!
Sorry I just couldn't help myself.  
Welcome to the board.  Being that you're 18 good luck finding insurance at a price less then a large house payment.  Try State Farm they care more about much it is going to cost them to fix it then what you,re riding.  The only catch is that you will have to insure a car with them before they will touch a bike.  I know how you feel about wanting a Busa but I have to suggest that you think about starting out on something a little smaller.  There is a major difference between riding dirtbikes and sportbikes.  Making the jump from dirt to street and starting on the heaviest and fastest production bike will get you in a world of hurt before you even realize that you did something wrong.  If you do decide to get the Busa take it slow, take some riding courses and stay off the throttle until you really get use to the bike.  No matter what you get you'll like it.

 As for the ZX 12  The Busa kills it off the line but the 12 will pull away in mid range roll ons then the Busa walks away at top end.
More replies will follow.
Welcome to the board...

Dude i am with Jim on this one... start off on a smaller bike. but if you decide to go with the Busa, take it easy for the first year or two. this is a whole lot of bike your thinking of.

For insurance, Good luck. they will get you on this for the fact of lack of experience.

Good Luck and be careful on what you decide on.
HMmmm yeah I'ld definitely check the insurance rates before i bought one if i was you. 18, no riding experience, bike over 1000cc.. Oh yeah its gonna cost you ...

Oh and personally if you gotta start out by trying to figure out how to get over on the insurance company, you might want to read the thread on newbie riders and busas.

This is a whole lot of beast, so be careful if you decide to get one.
hehe I knew you guys would say that about the power :p the weight isnt a problem, the harley is way heavier. I dont plan on just goin out and start racing lol no way id die instantly hehe. And ive had enough close calls in cars and friends killed from doing stupid things so I know better.

Yea the insurance is definately a problem, I can afford it no problem with just bodily and compensation coverage for like 120 a month (from progressive anyway, I have state farm right now so id have to talk to them) but once I had collision coverage, even with $1000 deductables, its like 450 a month which is crazy when i dont plan on doing something stupid, and I could fix it myself for cheaper then paying insurance to (at this age), or if it was their fault maybe I could sue. who knows.

or if I felt REALLY stupid I could do what my friend isreal does with his camero, he knows a shady guy who can give him insurance papers like he has it (so he doesnt get in trouble if he gets pulled over) but he really doesnt have insurance, just the papers. But thats a really dumb idea as well, if he gets in a accident he basically has to run if he can, which isnt a option if you get hit on a bike.

So I dont know what im going to do, I want a bike so bad, even a GSXR 600 would be sweet, but the dang insurance is the killer, not the cost of the bike
IF your getting a hayabusa, take things very slow, and take a riding course. Streets have these big metal objects we call cages, that hold people inside, that like to get in your way. These things are just so unpredictable too. Your virtually invisable to them, except the ones that have these blue and red lights that like to make you not go fast, and make you pay money to go fast. But thats why you buy a fast bike, to go fast. Drop about 10 grand for one of these things then you get charged for it.

Im just trying to figure it all out.

Welcome to the board. Be careful and think

I have a Harley Sportster for sale if you want it, lol. Its faster than a busa<span style='font-size:7.01pt;line-height:100%'>(in first gear)</span>, at the harleys top speed top speed.

Last year when i was 18, for full coverage on a hayabusa it was $11,000, this year 19 years old now its ~$6,800, takeing a riders course will get you a discount of about 10%
do you guys mean coarse as in motorcycle license coarse or some other special one?
There are motorcycle riding safety courses available in every state. They teach the basics of riding and how to handle just about anything that will come your way. You will also get a break on insurance if you take the course. Once you complete it and get your certificate all you have to do is go to the DMV and get your picture taken for your motorcycle licence. Without it you will have to pass their riding course which can be a royal pain.
There are also riding schools at different race tracks that are a little more $$$ but that would be a great thing to take and really learn how to ride a sportbike. They teach high speed cornering and things like that(I still plan on taking one of these myself)
Hey there General and welcome,

Sportbikes are the "E" ticket ride for sure. The acceleration is what gets most people killed and not the top speed. The Busa has both. Even the 600s now have incredible acceleration with the new technology. A Harley or dirt bike is not even close in comparison (I have had both). And neither handles like a sportbike either - not even close. Where people get killed is they punch it around a slow car and then realize too late that the next turn is coming up at about 100 mph and it is too late to brake in time or that much lean angle is something you've never done. OOOOPs DEAD! You can be riding in traffic and twist the throttle for 2 seconds and be over 100mph on most sport bikes. No Harley will do that.

I would start on the street with something forgiving but still very quick. Think about the Honda VFR? It has won the bike of the year for over 4 years because it is an all-around winner. It has no bad habits. The engine is powerful and can pull two riders. I has a top end of about 140 MPH and can handle the twisties well but the frame geometry is not as aggressive (ie more rider friendly and comfortable for long rides) as the race copy sportbikes. These are uncomfortable after 1 hour of riding and the steering can be twichy if you just want to cruise. The VFR is stable. It is less than 1000cc so insurance won't kill you either. Its bigger than the 600 (800cc) and it has a V4 engine so the torque is good over the entire RPM range. Many in-line 4 engines make more peak power but lack torque/acceleration in the lower RPMs. That is where most street riding is done anyway. Peaky power bands are hard to control smoothly. That is what is cool about the Busa is that is make a ton of torque no matter where the RPMs are. It is controlable power and being a bigger bike it is a less agressive frame geometery. In some ways it's behavior can be compared to the VFR, only on steriods. Ride the VFR for 4 years and then think about the Busa.

Good Luck and no matter what, take the advanced rider courses. You will learn a lot and it may reduce your insurance.
how much are those coarses really going to lower it tho, the cost will probably still kill me either way.

I understand what you guys are saying though, you just have to try and not let it get the best of you when you ride so you dont do something stupid like accelerate fast behind a slow car.

its kinda looks like im just gonna have to wait untill im a old man to get anything cool. Like I have a sweet cavalier, but im moving to phoenix in october and the apartments there tend to have things stolen from them so my car definately isnt going, so thats gonna be sold because they quote of full coverage for that thing is waaaaay more then even a busa, because I had stuff listed like body kit, rims, seats, hood, sound system, head/taillights, ect, ect ,ect.  
pay to play I suppose..

good luck..

buy a 600
I take it back... forget that insurance racket. that way you can get right to riding instead of having to go thru all that pesky "learning" crap these people are talking about.

You'll never need that insurance dude.. if you ever wreck it'll be the cars fault and you can sue them.. may not be able to walk anymore... but hey.. atleast you'll get crippled on a hayabusa!

Wear a helmet, and some leathers though.. not that you may need them... but just cuz they look cool.


ahh.. sorry dude... it's a boring day. Get what you want, pay the insurance and enjoy it.
Last year when i was 18, for full coverage on a hayabusa it was $11,000, this year 19 years old now its ~$6,800, takeing a riders course will get you a discount of about 10%
They must have seen you coming, thats crazy that they would ask that much to insure a bike.
I guess, my truck insurance is 400 per month, but im on my mothers plan, and that actually raise the insurance, lol. mommy isnt a slow(speed limit) driver, lol.

btw, minimum coverage last year was 380, per year. ~30 per month, not bad IMO, if you cant afford Full, get liability coverage, its pretty cheap
Before I bought my busa I called around to check out insurance. The first place that I called wanted 8,000$ a year and the second was 6,000$ a year. Now I am with state farm and I pay 61$ a month for full coverage for the busa, 42$ a month for full coverage for the gix 750, and 40 a month for my 92 dakota, liability.
Hey Rich,

I see you are at Travis AFB. I am ex-USAF and insure with USAA. Do you use them too? House, two trucks and two bikes with them. Busa full cover is $210 per 6 months. 6 months are all we get up here is the Sierras due to snow anyway. They are the greatest to deal with on claims too. Quick and easy.