How to tune yourself?


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Well I was kinda wondering about tuning on your own. I understand that when you take your bike to get it mapped and tuned and dyno'd they place your bike on the dyno, hook up to your PC3, load the map, and run the dyno. And then they tweak some area's which they think they can increase HP. Now my question is this, how can you do this yourself without paying $300.00 for a tune or dyno? I already have a laptop, so I can take it outside to my bike and hook up to the PC3, but whatelse do you normally need?

I am really just curious to how people tune their own bikes without having a dyno. Thanks in advance yall.

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You need to be able to monitor the a/f ratio at different rpms under load. The dyno provides the load and simulates normal driving conditions. As a tuning tool the fact that the dyno gives you hp and tq is a bonus.



You need a data logger. I use the Innovate LM-1 with the LMA-3. You would need to log air-fuel, RPM and throttle position at a minimum to be able to tune a bike. I have mine on my turbo bike so I log AF, RPM, TP, boost pressure, and injector duty cycle.




Impressive. That looks like an expensive and functional package. How much spent (time and money)?


I have attached a screen shot of the program for the LM-1. On this graph you can see, if I'm shooting for an AF of 12-12.5, where I need to start adding fuel toward the top where the AF is higher. There is so much that you can do with this setup it is unbelievable. You can zoom in and out for fine tuning, like on this picture the graph is only 4.8 seconds long. You can add or remove any of the graphs. You can go thru and click on the screen and the boxes come up that show exactly what is going on at that moment.


You can make a spread sheet of any of the items logged, so if I was using a pcIII with 250rpm adjustments I could make a spread sheet with RPM and TP with AF in the boxes.



nice setup i am going to add the lma-3 to my bike as well, but not the lm1 because of it's size....but to tune your bike without a dyno you need to log rpm,tps,afr. i think the innovative setup is the best bang for the buck at present....


(brad @ Sep. 24 2006,14:39) Impressive.  That looks like an expensive and functional package.  How much spent (time and money)?
It wasn't that hard to setup, Dave Owens over on had a nice writeup on how to get it all setup and working. Dave also sells them, I think I paid $5-600 for the setup plus the phone calls he answered over the 4th of July weekend


As if it isn’t a big enough aggravation wiring all the necessary connections for the data logger, the real deterrent that keeps many from doing this is realizing they have to remove their exhaust system to have a weld nut for their O2 sensor welded to the proper location in their S-pipe (within 24" to 36" from the exhaust ports). Then you have to drill the hole in the exhaust so the tip of the O2 sensor can protrude into the exhaust system via the weld nut you had welded on.

Here's a pic of my heated O2 sensor mounted in my Akrapovic's exhaust (click on image to enlarge)...

Here's the weld nut prior to having it welded on...


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Inovative makes a Exhaust clamp to use with the LM-1

How often do you need to take A/F readings and make adjustments?

Can't you just put this on when you want to upgrade your map?


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