how to tell if you have real 220mph gauges


i have a 2004 hayabusa limited that the guy i bought it from put a set of the 220mph red gauge faces on.
he said the gauges are real 220mph from a 1999 and that he put them on to match the bike but i want to know if they are.
is there any way to check or know for sure ?
any pics?

is the mileage correct?

no pics, i will have to take some if that will help

the bike was claimed as a total loss by state farm and the guy bought it from there auction

he had all the paper work to prove it and had the original gauge set that read 4480 and that is what state farm noted the mileage as

the 220mph gauges have just over 5200 miles on them so for it not been rode in almost a year i think it is close enough

i just thought there may be something on the back of the gauges or something cast into the plastic molds that would determine if the gauges are original 220mph cause i am wanting to do away with the red faces and either go back to black original faces or another color since i am changing the plastic to black and think the red face gauges would not look good
If both the speedo and odo register correctly, its real. If you can only get one or the other correct, then its just face plates.