How to slam and prep a busa?


Not that I know of. I'd like something recent like this though to know what type of mods I want to do next. I like to see what the most important mods are to people who have experience
Here are a few I did to mine.
Crome Tripple Tree
Bradded steel break & Clutch lines
EBC Breaks front & rear
Brocks 3 hole lowering links
No Cut frame sliders
Pro Grip Touring Grips
Heli Bars
ACC busa Tank Gard
Double Bubble wind shield
Two Brothers slip on exhaust
DDM HID light System (Front)
Tail Lights with Integrated Turn Signal
Buel Pegs
Throddleminster (Cruise Control)
Trunk Mod for more space
Custom Tobin Seat front and Back

I could slam it with no trouble but it really did not handle very good at all for me.


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The updated article is the "Chronic" Gen-II BUSA build he did... ;)

Otherwise, the same principles apply and you'll only go faster than the 10-year+ old article "Slam and Prep a BUSA!"
What are your goals for the bike? Want to keep good street manners? A lot of options for mods out there. The number one thing to do is ditch the exhaust. You can lose over 30 lbs off the stock stuff and add hp to boot! If stock wheel base throw on some adjustable lowering links and a strap kit for the front and enjoy! That will keep you streetable and allow you to have some fun! If you are looking for other options let everyone know and I'm sure several will comment.

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