How To Remove the Horn, Gen 2


Gen 2, How To Remove the Horn

Horn Removal

The horn is sometimes removed permanently to save weight. The horn circuit is sometimes used a power source for electrical mods.

10mm socket
3â€￾ extension

1. Use a 10mm socket and 3â€￾ extension to remove the two bolts that secure the horn bracket.

2. Pull the connectors from the electrical contacts on the horn. There is no lock to release. The connectors fit very tightly but they just pull off. Remove the horn.

I marked one side of the connector harness and its mating electrical contact with blue tape so that the harness may be reconnected in proper polarity.

3. If the horn wire is left where it is behind the front wheel, it would be a good idea to secure it so that it does not hang close to the radiator. Also, protect the lead from dirt by covering it with a small sheet of plastic secured with a zip-tie.

The horn wire branches from the bundle of grey wrapped wires that runs across the head cover. I pulled the entire horn wire up into the engine compartment, doubled it back and zip-tied it to the grey wire.


Installation of the horn is the reversed procedure.

The horn, bracket and screws weigh over a half pound.

lil charlie

I could see wanting to shave weight for a track only bike but I think a 1/2 a pound is not worth losing the horn over for a street bike. As fat as I am I'm not concerned with the horn...just skip the cookie after dinner, lol.


Yup, or I just take a pee before I ride!! LOL

9 oz is one of the more substantial weight losses that result from removing small parts or switching to aftermarket. Seems trivial, but you add it all up and it is impressive. Can't believe how heavy that box of removed OEM parts for my 14 is. including exhaust, that bike lost about 90 lbs. Still has horn LOL!!

I agree, a horn might save you and it certainly is the more polite way to get the attention of other motorists.

.....but I'm more the NOS type....that's what my horn wire is destined for.:smileok:

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