How to remove charcoal canister?

Im not sure if all the bikes have it, but I have a CA bike and it has a charcoal canister on it. I want to remove it but want to do it the right way. It has two lines running into it. One goes to the throttle bodies which I asume is for vacume, and the other goes to the gas tank. I was going to pull the line off the gas tank and leave it open and then cap the line that goes to the throttle bodies. The line that goes to the tb's has an inline selinoid that has a sensor on it. I was just going to leave this plugged in so it doesnt trip the fi light. Does this sound right?
I wouldn't remove it. It is hidden out of the way and weighs nearly nothing. If you live in Ca. (bay area?) you will need it soon. the state is talking smog for bikes again. Oh, and don't throw the original exhaust away either, you will need the cats for the test.

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