How to make a gen 2 the best bike you ever owned

Slam it, stretch it, strap it, Brocks exhaust, BMC filter, PCV, re-gear it, put an air shifter on it, lose the mirrors, lose thegrab rail, shot of N20 and put a Shinko on the back to get it all to the ground :thumbsup: Then it would be the perfect street bike :laugh:

On second thought, since this is a turbo forum, scratch the Brocks exhaust and N2O and put a big nasty turbo on it....yes, that would do it!!!


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I like the plan, just hope he can use all that TURBO... :whistle:

Looking forward to a full build thread with info and dyno sheets... :beerchug:


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We will be basing this build around a GT3586 ball bearing turbo, which is an upgrade from the normal GT3582. The exhaust header and turbo has been ceramic-coated black. This will be a 1/2" stud motor with Wossner pistons, H-beam rods, fully trans by Robinson, multistage clutch, Ferrea stainless valves, billet pan, stealth arm, re-valved shock, etc., etc. POWERHOUSE will be using the best of the best throughout this build and we will post pictures and details as we go along. The icing on the cake will be the RCC Gen 2 Ultra+ ecu flash kit with 62lb injectors and a billet RCC fuel rail in the secondary position. We will be mapping on both pump and race fuel and posting our results. We will also be introducing a new product during this project, stay tuned. I think we will be able to make some steam at 40 pounds of boost!:whistle:

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