how to get code off FI light.. possible starter issue???


idk what info may be needed so hopefully this says it all;

I left for lunch, bike was cold and it started up fine. left from lunch back to home, bike was fine. 3 hrs later, i had to leave for work. i start the bike like normal and u hear this nice loud metal on metal CLANG. bike still started up fine and sounded ok but 2 secs later, the FI light came on. so i turned the bike off. waited prob 10 secs, started the bike up again 2 check and it started fine and no FI light and road to work *20 miles*. the bike is a 2001 and it has just shy of 50k miles. this is the 1st "issue" ive had and 1st time its ever done this. ive heard the older bikes like mine have that started kick back issue, i was wondering if there is anything i should pull off and check when i get home from. but i was wondering if there is a way to pull the code 2 c what it came on for.


Under the back seat on the left side standing behind the bike is a small white square plug with a black rubber cover on it. It has four holes I believe with two with metal female connections in two of the holes diagonal from each other. Jump them out with a piece of wire and turn the bike on and look at the clock display it should show -C00 if all is good. Then Crank the bike and check the display again. Write down any codes and there is a code list here on the site some where or just post it and I or someone else will let you know what's up. Good Luck and hope that it's not too serious.

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