How to get a good reaction time...


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Not making a statement...Instead asking for that info...What's the trick to getting the instant reaction time???
I've cut lights any where from .520 to 1.2...Trying to get this info because the track will be opening soon...And I want to get time any where I can...
If you see the light turn green it's too late. Leave on the yellow before the green light. Just practice and don't worry about getting a red light unless it's for money. WFO !!!!
Your reaction time does't hurt the trap times. You could sit at the light with a reaction time of 5 min and still run a 8 sec 1/4.
But you can get beat by a slower time if he/she has a better reaction time than you.
Get prestage routine, I like to think about  doing the same steps every time. Helps take my mind off of reaction time.  Around my local tacks anything over .525 will send you home early. My quick tips: Stage at your own pace, don't let the other guy rush you. Focus on your lights, DO NOT try and watch his lights too! Final tip you don't win with a red eye!!
You could (depending on the tree) set a stutter box. I've seen where some push the button right as the first of three lights come on. Then hang on, depending on the time they set all He11 breaks loose. With a little practice can really help cut a light. Just remember if you got money anything can be done! It only gets more expensive the quicker you want to go! Just ask some of the others on this board who race.
practice practice practice.... my motto for doing better at anything..

they sell practice tree's for 80bucks to 1800bucks how good do you want to get?
The reaction time is the most important thing in the race
if u don't red light now+then your not trying hard enough
I would consider anything over .060 a slow reaction.
I see lot of fast time slips on here were the rt is like wow slow.
no rpm limiter or launch box or tricks on tree?Shallow stage it then just dump clutch on last yellow.
Go after tree hard in time runs red lights don't matter then..Yes a red light is lose but most time a slow reaction is 2 Aything ovr .100 might as well b ordering pizza up there or pitching a tent anything over .100 might as well just give other guy the win ticket
I really was interested in it though.:race:
I bracket race most time it determines winner + a lot of times in prostock bike
somebody goes faster but get beat cuz of light.