How to adjust the headlight

Adjust the knobs....2 for low 2 for high.

The 2 for is north south the other adjusts east west.....same for the 2 for high.

put a piece of tape on the wall or workbench as a starting point. Adjust from there.

Take it for an evening spin and readjust to your comfort.

Is that piece/apparatus under the nose fairing and how accessable are the adjusting bolts?

Anyone have a picture with it on the bike?
I took first night ride last night. The high beam was really useless. All it did was make me focus on the road where it hit and it was a bit difficult not to over ride the light with it aimed 5 feet in front of tire, so adjustment is absolutely necessary. I only adjusted the HI beam and did it from the bottom as shown in owners manual. It was very easy.

I think replacing bulbs and adjusting regular lamp will be easier from the top as Omar has done though! The pics. on his post are better than the manual too!  

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